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Вторник, 25 Октября 2011
To JINR from all continents Печать
25.10.2011 12:05

It’s the fifth time the students of Republic of Southern Africa came to JINR for practice. Within 3 weeks 28 students from almost all universities of the Republic performed research tasks on the chosen topics. For this time the traditional autumn practice appeared to be international: South-Africans worked together with the students from Ukraine and Belarus.


JINR Infrastructure is looking forward to modernization Печать
25.10.2011 11:55

One and half year ago our newspaper covered the plans of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, aiming to treat effectively the buildings and constructions, which do not belong to scientific infrastructure (“Vstrecha” №11, 18.03.2010). Among them are sportsground “Nauka”and the hostel at Mohovaya Street. Weekly newspaper "Dubna: science, community, progress" also went on with this topic.



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