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JINR Infrastructure is looking forward to modernization Печать
25.10.2011 11:55

One and half year ago our newspaper covered the plans of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, aiming to treat effectively the buildings and constructions, which do not belong to scientific infrastructure (“Vstrecha” №11, 18.03.2010). Among them are sportsground “Nauka”and the hostel at Mohovaya Street. Weekly newspaper "Dubna: science, community, progress" also went on with this topic.

The Commission for modernization of general, scientific and engineering infrastructure was established according to the director’s order from the 5th of April №181. This commission is headed at the moment by JINR Vice-Director, Professor Richard Lednicky, point out the journalists of the weekly.

In the letter sent to the members of directorial conference and scientific-technical council on the 30th of June 2011, the elected director of JINR Victor Matveev informed, that he accepted the offer made by the chairman of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries (CP), S. Dubnichka, which was coordinated with the Vice-director of JINR, M.G. Itkis. This offer defined the 1st of September 2011 as the start of works.

The director regards the work of the comission as a stratigic point for JINR and considers it to be very important for the effectiveness of administrative, productive, social and economic activities of JINR subdivisions and servises. The director is absolutely sure - this work should be fully accomplished.

The large, unique infrastructure of JINR which was created in the 60-s provided the staff with all the necessary from basic experimental facilities oriented to modern scientific research to comfortable working and rest conditions. In fact nuclear science centre in Dubna was not only the town-forming enterprise, but the centre of attraction for the most gifted youth from the USSR and other JINR member-states. The big money was invested into the Institute infrastructure. Today special JINR subdivisions and recreation centre “Alushta” performed various activities and the development of International Scientific Centre, its energetics, safety and social sphere.

Later with the the changes in economical and social order of JINR member states the attitude towards social infrastructure got different. In the 90-s Financial Committee and Committee of Plenipotentiaries made the decision that all non-scientific activities should be abolished owing to resorce saving for the main activity.

In 1992 Committee of Plenipotentiaries allowed to sell at market price experimental basic installations and other buildings and facilities. In these circumstances the special document was worked out on behalf of JINR member states.

The Commission for modernisation of infrastructure estableshed in 2010 follows JINR Order, norms and rules, Financial report, the decions of CP, agreements between JINR and the Government of Russian Federation. The aim of the Commission is to define the amount of all necessary services provided to the Institute and its staff. All this will be taken into account by the cost planning at JINR.

Natalia Teryaeva, Elena Zhuravliova

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